Surf mobile

Coastline, deserted waves, solo sessions, KM`s and 4×4. 

To sum up my experiences in 5 key phrases. 

My Land Cruiser was built with the vision of myself, Tobias Schroeder, to explore untraveled coastline in Southern Africa. I chose the Land Cruiser LX Station Wagon as this gave me the perfect power to explore and be able to rely on my vehicle. 

I have done a few trips to gear up to Mozambique and the West-Coast of South Africa. The surf there is amazing and the 4×4 roads were spectacular. These trips were all just small “test” trips – till I can fulfill my biggest dream trip. My dream is to drive up the Western side of South Africa into Namibia. Namibia has the Skeleton Coast which is known for 4×4 and secretly for perfect waves. From there I would journey up to Angola. Angola is rough, beautiful and still to date the country with the most land mines. Scary but thrilling. Here I would stick to the roads and maps. The coastline is almost unexplored and uncharted. From there I would cross-over to Zambia. The terrain is warm, almost tropical with lots of rivers and forestry. This would be the perfect test of my 4×4 Landcruiser. I finish my trip in Mozambique, enjoy the warm water and slowly head back to Jeffreys Bay. 

This is why I built my Surf Mobile. It is basic, simple, easy to manage and repair if need be. 

I have a fridge, gas stove, water tank, sink, outside shower, pop up roof, bottom bed, mozzie net, storage compartments, a safe and roof racks. 

The car is still reasonably light and handles the beaches and rough terrain perfectly. 

Soon I will make my dream a reality. Stay tuned for the update. 

I hope it will happen within the next 2 years, we so busy creating all YOUR dreams. 

Till then, 


Click HERE for a video of the experience.