Building a Motorhome: What vehicle do I choose?

Building a Motorhome: What vehicle do I choose?

Building your motorhome is a not a small task. Some want something basic like just a bed and others want that perfect home on wheels. 

Here are our 5 questions you should ask yourself

  1. What type of roads are you wanting to drive? 

Do you enjoy 4×4 tracks and bundu bashing or do you rather enjoy long tared roads. It is very important to decide on what roads you are wanting to travel and to what destinations you would like to travel to. From this you can get a good overview of what the vehicle must be capable to do. 

  1. Are you using this vehicle often or once in a blue moon?

From understanding the needs, you can get a good profile together. Are you going to be putting km and km on the clock or only a few hundred a year. You need to decide this as this also impacts the decision of a used vehicle or new vehicle.

  1. Are you going wild? 

If you decide to travel through the whole of Africa, you need a vehicle that can be fixed if need be. You never know what could possibly happen. If one component in the engine fails, you need to be able to get the component and fix the vehicle. 

  1. How many people are you traveling with? 

You need to decide whether you need a vehicle that you can build a big motorhome on, or a small body. As well as just converting a small part of the vehicle or all of it. This needs to be planned before ordering the vehicle 

  1. What do you feel comfortable in? 

We The Schroeders love our Toyota Land Cruiser 79 series. They are durable, fixable and run. If the gut inside of you prefers a MAN truck, VW VAN or a Mercedes Sprinter. We suggest you listen to your gut. Go with what you feel is right and appropriate to your dreams. 

Give us a ring to give you some suggestions and go more in depth with the details.